Not all orthodontic treatments require a great deal of time. If you have minor spacing or alignment issues with your teeth, you may be able get the smile you have always wanted with a much shorter treatment known as Simpli5. This alignment system is suggested for teenagers and adults. It involves wearing a series of five clear plastic aligners that will slowly move your teeth into their proper positions to correct small orthodontic issues. The aligners are custom-made to fit you based on impressions taken of your teeth. Depending on your needs, you may wear each set from five to six weeks. In many cases, the treatment time may be as short as five months.

The aligners are made of clear plastic that fits snugly against your teeth and are virtually unnoticeable by other people. This means when you are at work or socializing, people will be looking at you and not your dental work. You only need to remove them to eat and to clean them.

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